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March 18 , 2009 - Invitation for Bids: Roll Off Carts

The purpose of this bid is to procure carts with riveted RFID tags attached, cart lifters to attach to existing trucks, and have these items delivered to a staging area on the Island of Guam. This contract will be in effect for five (5) years with the Government of Guam. The successful bidder will provide any of the specified items under the terms of this bid throughout that time. The Government of Guam expects to place an order for said goods immediately upon approval of a contract based on this bid. Delivery of the carts by the successful bidder will be in overseas containers to a location on Guam specified by the Government of Guam's Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD). These carts will remain in these overseas containers until they are delivered to the customers by the SWMD Employees. This storage in the overseas containers shall be required after delivery to the SWMD specified site.

Deadline to submit bids is 10am Guam Time, April 7, 2009.


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