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April 11, 2012 - Quarterly Report of the Receiver

Cover and Table of Content

  1. Quarterly Report to the Court
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of the Quarterly Report
  3. Core Tech International Contract Change Orders
  4. Black Construction Contract Change Orders
  5. Detailed Payments by Payee 10-1-2011 to 3-31-2012
  6. GSWA Expenditures and Revenue Compared with the FY 2012 Budget
  7. CCU Resolution re GWA Account Balance
  8. Primary Account Transactions 10-1-2011 to 3-31-2011
  9. Construction Subaccount Transactions 10-1-2011 to 3-31-2011
  10. Letter from the Attorney General Responding to 7-20-2011 Letter re GSWA
  11. Letter from the Attorney General Providing Additional Response to 7-20-2011 Letter re GSWA

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