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August 31, 2011 - Quarterly Report of the Receiver

Cover and Table of Content

  1. Quarterly Report to the Court
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of the Quarterly Report
  3. Property Boundaries and Ownership Near the Ordot Dump
  4. Proposed Ordot Dump Sampling, Boring and Test Locations
  5. Approved Change Orders
    a. Approved Change Orders for Black Construction Contract
    b. Approved Change Orders for Core Tech Contract
  6. Contract Payments by Payee 4-1-2011 – 6-30-2011
  7. Primary Account Transactions 4-1-2011 – 6-30-2011
    a. Primary Account Transactions 3-4-2011 – 3-31-2011
  8. Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) Operating Budget FY2012
  9. Construction Subaccount Transactions 4-1-2011 – 6-30-2011
  10. Winzler & Kelly Layon Trash Haul Route Evaluation Technical Report
  11. GSWA
    a. Letter to Pat Mason re GSWA Act 7-20-2011
    b. Section by Section Review of GSWA Legislation PL31-20

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