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December 7, 2011 - Quarterly Report of the Receiver

Cover and Table of Content

  1. Quarterly Report to the Court
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of the Quarterly Report
  3. Letter of 8-30-11 from GEPA Accepting Construction Certification Report
  4. Draft Revised Harmon Layout 11-29-11
  5. Black Construction Contract Change Orders
  6. Core Tech International Contract Change Orders
  7. Detailed Payments by Payee 7-1-2011 to 9-30-2011
  8. Primary Account Transactions 7-1-2011 to 9-30-2011
  9. Construction Subaccount Transactions 7-1-2011 to 9-30-2011
  10. Letter to Ivan Quinata and Pat Mason re GRRP Landfill Permit 11-7-2011
  11. Approved Change Orders
    a. One Landfill Rate Structure
    b. Two Landfill Rate Structure
  12. Flow Control for Publicly Owned Solid Waste Facilities

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