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December 9 , 2010 - Quarterly Report of the Receiver

Cover and Table of Content

  1. Quarterly Report to the Court
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of the Quarterly Report
  3. Operating and Capital Savings of the Receivership
  4. List of Approved Change Orders
  5. Citibank Trust Accounts Payments by Payee
  6. Debt Service Correspondence
    a. Letter of 8-16-10 from Tony Blaz re Debt Service
    b. Letter of 10-8-10 to Tony Blaz re SWMD Debt Service
    c. Letter of 10-26-10 from Tony Blaz to David Manning
    d. Letter of 10-29-10 to Tony Blaz Responding to Letter of 10-26-10
  7. Supplemental Bond Indenture Guam Section 30 Bonds 2009A
  8. Citibank Construction Subaccount 7-1-2010 through 9-30-2010
  9. Citibank Primary Account 7-1-2010 through 9-30-2010
  10. PUC Rate Request Documents
    a. Letter of 9-28-10 to PUC Filing Rate Request
    b. PUC Rate Filing - September 28, 2010
    c. Testimony Submitted with Solid Waste Management Division Rate Request - September 2010
    d. Rate Setting Analysis (Sept 2010) 100% Sec 30 Financing
    e. SWMD Audit FY 2009
  11. Sources Sought Notice
    a. DOD Sources Sought Notice 8-17-2010
    b. Letter of 8-31-10 to Christine Davis re Sources Sought Notice
    c. List of Attachments
    d. Presentation to PUC - August 13, 2010

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