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GBB SENIOR Vice President Chris A. Lund, P.E., PSS

Chris LundChris Lund, who serves as Receiver Senior Project Engineer, has extensive experience, providing a versatile platform from which to direct, manage and perform multi-disciplined efforts to accomplish project, business unit and corporate goals. Mr. Lund’s background, prior to joining GBB in April 2008, includes 6 years with the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA), 11 years with Dames & Moore/ URS and, most recently, over a year with Bowman Consulting Group. His solid waste management experience includes the performance of portions of feasibility studies, siting studies, planning, design (civil, geotechnical), and construction management. He has worked in Guam, California, Nevada, Utah, Virginia, and the CNMI on solid waste management projects.

Mr. Lund was Chief Engineer at GEPA from 2000 to 2006 where he administered the programs and activities of the Agency’s overall engineering functions; approved engineering drawings, designs and specifications for construction projects; directed and monitored budget development and administration;  maintained a liaison with other federal, and local departments in conceiving, planning, and executing engineering projects or programs; developed and implemented engineering standards, technical data and procedures to serve as a guide for public and private engineers;  monitored progress of projects/programs; recommended or made modifications in schedule or scope of work  to ensure fulfillment of statutory requirements and technical objectives; and represented the Administrator in meetings and conferences.

Relevant experience while at GEPA includes taking a lead role for GEPA in 2003 to push the final Consent Decree to completion, and get it signed and entered into agreement with USEPA and the Government of Guam. He was also involved in the Layon new landfill complex with a designed capacity of 30 to 50 years. He was a member of the integrated solid waste management plan team that revised and updated the 1999 Plan to include the new landfill location. As Chief Engineer for GEPA, he served as a lead technical advisor for all aspects of the Ordot Dump closure to meet Consent Decree requirements.

As Chief Engineer, Mr. Lund reported directly to the Administrator of GEPA who is appointed by the Governor as a Cabinet member.  In this position, he has served in an executive service capacity as technical expert for GEPA on policy development and legislation put before the Governor for review and signature into law. In this capacity, he has been able to help shape the development of Guam in order to sustain growth and future development while protecting the environment. 

Mr. Lund hold a Civil and Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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