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Ceremonies for Closing of Ordot Dump and Opening of the Layon Landfill

Public and Media Invited to Milestone Events

(Guam, August 18, 2011) – Federal Receiver Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., (GBB) today announced that two events will be held to commemorate completion of key milestones in bringing Guam’s solid waste system into compliance with the 2004 Consent Decree for violation of the Clean Water Act: the closing of Ordot Dump and the opening of the Layon Landfill.

Both the general public and the media are invited to attend the two events along with the official participants and invited special guests.

Court Hearing: Closing of the Ordot Dump

Directions to the Ordot Dump:  From Hagatna, travel south on Route 4 through Sinajana and into Ordot to the first traffic light (Dero Road intersection). Turn right from Route 4 onto Dero Road, traveling through the village of Ordot approximately one mile to the Dump. Parking will be available at the site. An attendant will be there to provide directions on where to park.

Court Hearing: Opening of the Layon Landfill

Directions to the Layon Landfill: From Hagatna, or Ordot-Chalan Pago, travel south on Route 4 approximately 11 miles from the Route 4/Route 10 intersection through Yona, Ipan-Talofofo, and into Malojloj, Inarajan to the Route 4/Dandan Road intersection (intersection is approximately .2 of a mile south of the Malojloj Transfer Station). Turn right on Dandan Road and travel approximately 3.25 miles (Dandan Road turns into the landfill access road, recently named Chalan Layon) to the entrance of the Layon Landfill. There will be parking available. Please follow the directions from the attendants at the entrance, who will show visitors where to park.

"These two events are important milestones towards establishing a long-term, financially viable and sustainable waste management system for Guam,” said Receiver Representative David L. Manning. "Closing the Ordot Dump and opening the Layon Landfill are the result of the dedication and tireless work of many individuals and organizations, and something from which the people of Guam will reap the benefits for many years to come.”

Prearranged tours of the Layon Landfill will be available to the public beginning Monday, September 5, 2011. To schedule a tour, contact Norm Kivett, Herzog Environmental at 671-828-5263.

Waste deliveries to the Layon Landfill will begin on a full-time basis on September 1, 2011, immediately following the opening. Limited deliveries will occur prior to September 1st . These limited deliveries are for the purpose of providing a carefully placed cushion of soft waste on the initial area where waste will be received. These limited deliveries are a normal part of the start-up for a new landfill and will assure that the landfill is ready to receive waste on a full-time basis beginning September 1st. With the opening of the Layon Landfill, only authorized waste haulers will be allowed to access the landfill. Individuals should use the Transfer Stations located at Agat, Dededo and Malojloj. After the close of business on August 31st, the Ordot Dump will be permanently closed to waste deliveries of any kind.

About Ordot Dump - Post-Closure Actions
Brown and Caldwell, a highly qualified environmental and engineering design firm, is presently performing the first phases of the investigatory work around Ordot Dump. With direction and guidance of the Receiver, Brown and Caldwell is interfacingwith the regulatory agencies to obtain the required permit clearances and consultation to perform the work. The Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Guam Historic Preservation Office of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Land Management, and the Office of the Mayor – Ordot/Chalan Pago are just a few of the many agencies and officials working with the Receiver on the closure of Ordot Dump. The investigative work will support the closure design and future long-term monitoring at the site to assess the performance of the closure system, including leachate management, gas monitoring and remediation of the site.

About the Layon Landfill
The Layon Landfill is a high-tech, environmentally sound and highly controlled landfill for non-hazardous municipal solid waste. It was built with an engineered liner and a leachate collection and removal system that protect human health and the environment. With a capacity in excess of 15.8 million cubic yards, the Layon Landfill will service the island of Guam for more than 30 years. The Layon Landfill is owned by the Guam Solid Waste Authority and operated by Herzog Environmental, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Herzog Contracting Corporation.

About Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., Receiver
In a Court Order dated March 17, 2008, U.S. District Court Judge Frances M. Tydingco-Gatewood appointed GBB to be Receiver with full responsibility for bringing the Guam Solid Waste Management Division into compliance with the 2004 Consent Decree for violation of the Clean Water Act. As Receiver, GBB’s objective is to work with Guam’s government, the Solid Waste Management Division, solid waste companies, the people of Guam, and the U.S. military to establish a long-term, financially viable and sustainable waste management system for Guam. For more information on the receivership, visit www.guamsolidwastereceiver.org.

GBB is a national solid waste management consulting firm, headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, that works on solid waste collection, processing, recycling and disposal issues, and assists in planning, procuring, and implementing sound, cost-effective facilities and services at the local, state, and national levels for both the public and private sectors. Since 1980, GBB has planned and developed a wide range of integrated waste management programs that use the latest technologies to improve efficiency, save money, enhance customer service, and protect the environment. For more information on the firm and its products and services, visit www.gbbinc.com or call 1-703-573-5800.


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